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Kentucky Immigration Attorneys

Immigration law is complex, ever-changing, and intersects with many other areas of the law. The current climate in the U.S. is uncertain for many members of our immigrant community. An experienced, aggressive, and compassionate attorney is essential if you or a loved one is facing immigration issues.

Family Petitions
Green Cards
Removal Defense
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Family Immigration & Residency

U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents can petition for visas for family members, including spouses, fiancés, immediate family.


The consular processing Permanent Residence  process is often multi-step, and requires you to deal with multiple U.S.  government agencies as well as consulates abroad when bringing a relative to the U.S. to live. 


Sometimes, depending on one's current immigration status, you can also apply  within the  U.S. for your green card, known as Adjustment of Status ("AOS")


We can guide you through the process which leads to a path to citizenship. Call us today for a consultation.

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If you are facing removal or deportation, an experienced immigration lawyer can be the difference between staying in the country and deportation.


Being removed from the U.S. can have disastrous consequences for you and your family. The majority of immigrants who attempt to defend themselves in court end up losing their case.  


Studies have shown that of 63% of immigrants who go alone to court, only 2% were able to win their cases.

Call us as soon as possible to start planning your defense and develop a strategy. Many of the defense applications that must be turned into the Immigration Judge are time-sensitive.

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Criminal Defense &


If you are a noncitizen facing criminal charges, we understand your issues and have over 20 years combined experience practicing criminal defense law in Kentucky. We can represent you in criminal and immigration court.

Criminal convictions can affect immigrants in serious, detrimental ways. Even seemingly minor crimes, such as petty shoplifting, could cause loss of status. We can advise you on which course of action to take to lessen the consequences on your status. 


Not only do we specialize in criminal defense and immigration defense, we often advise criminal defense attorneys to help them reduce the risk of deportation for their clients. 

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